Employees in the Spotlight

may 2024

patricia p.

Lead Dispatch Coordinator (5 YEARs)

Patricia has been a crucial part of the Cox Petroleum Transport dispatch department for over five years. Her dedication and contributions have established her as a key asset to the team. Patricia’s enthusiastic personality and strong teamwork abilities make her stand out as a valuable colleague. She consistently approaches her work with careful attention to detail, showcasing her commitment to excellence.

-Deborah S. (Dispatch Manager)

April 2024

soctt b.

norcal DRIVER (12 YEARS)

Scott B. has been with the company for 12 year and is currently a driver in NorCal.

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Scott Bowman for his exceptional dedication and contributions to our team. Scott Bowman has been an integral part of our company for more than 12 years, embodying true leadership qualities. With Scott at work, there’s absolute confidence in the accurate completion of tasks. His independence and dependability in Northern California make him a cornerstone in our team.

Scott is a true Truck Rodeo Competitor and loves what he does, not only does Scott excel professionally, but he also is a dedicated family man, balancing his commitment to work with his responsibilities at home. Scott truly embodies our core values and consistently goes above and beyond in his work. Please join us in congratulating him on this well-deserved recognition!

– Kelley G. (Bakersfield Terminal Manager)

march 2024

Leonel v.


Leonel V. has been with the company for 1 year and is currently a driver in Colton.

Leo just hit his 1-year anniversary at the end of February and is an amazing addition to the crew out here at the Colton Terminal. His attitude, and attention to detail, and go getter attitude while working does not go unnoticed. I enjoy working with Leo because he has a great attitude. Whether it’s talking Lakers basketball or Chevron deliveries, he’s a great person to be around and has a great personality. Very easy-going guy. Furthermore, Leo is willing to assist other drivers at a moment’s notice should we ask. He has helped me with numerous things whether it’s at the loading rack, assistance with special loads that are out of state, as well as even helping other drivers stuck inside stations. All these things just mentioned strengthen the fact that Leo is a great asset to our team, and as his manager I’m excited to continue to work with him for many years to come.

– Anthony E. (Colton Terminal Manager)

february 2024

Pamela O.

Billing Manager (23 Years)

Pamela O. has been with the company for the over 23 years and is currently the Billing Manager. 

Pam has held multiple roles and responsibilities at Cox Petroleum Transport in her more than two decades with the company. Those include administrative, Driver Manager, Billing Supervisor and most recently Billing Manager. As a leader in the Billing Department, Pam has held a key role in ensuring that our customers are billed accurately and thoroughly to support the income of our business. She works closely with her billers, the accounting department, as well as our dispatch group, following up on the tedious activities and demands placed on us by our customers. If you know Pam, you would agree that she is the most meticulous and stringent person committed to the details, and has no problem calling it as she sees it. She has demonstrated her value and dedication over the years, and we recognize that she is one of a kind. Pam is a team player and with her passionate and spirited personality, she has proven that she can play along with the best of them.

– The Executive Leadership Team

january 2024

Mark g.

dispatcher (19 Years)

Mark G. has been with the company for the last 19 years. He  is currently an Dispatcher and a vital part of our Dispatch Team.

Mark Gomez started his journey with Cox Petroleum in 2005. Over the years Mark has worked in many different capacities in the dispatch department. He has a vast amount of logistics savvy and we are grateful for his wisdom and experience. Mark is dedicated to his teammates and his position, rarely missing work over his long tenure, and always willing to go the extra mile to help out in all areas when needed. Mark brings a certain calmness to a high intensity job that spreads to him teammates. Mark knows that there is no transportation problem that cannot be solved, and his assuredness creates confidence all around him. He is a natural at troubleshooting issues and is tireless in his ability to pivot until the job is done. Mark understands the synergy required of his position, and is well liked and respected by his co-workers to help create that cooperative work environment. Thank you Mark Gomez for being thoughtful, dependable, Zenlike, and most of all here with us.

-Deborah S. (Dispatch Manager)

december 2023

Darrek B.

san diego driver (5 Years)

Darrek B. has been with the company for the last 5 years. He is currently a driver in San Diego. 

Darrek’s attention to detail and his unwavering commitment to safety are truly remarkable. He consistently goes above and beyond in his role as a truck driver. His meticulous approach to every aspect of his job, from vehicle inspections to route planning, has earned him a reputation for excellence within the organization.

– Martin C. (San Diego and Huntington Beach Terminal Manager)

november 2023

milton a.

van nuys driver (14 Years)

Milton A. has been with the company for the last 14 years. He is currently a driver in Van Nuys. 

Milton has not only shown commitment, but true dedication to Cox Petroleum. Milton consistently goes the extra mile, willingly taking on additional shifts, staying late, and actively engaging in various tasks. As a driver, he not only places a paramount emphasis on safety but also serves as an inspirational figure for his colleagues.

Milton’s contributions reflect a commendable dedication to excellence. Milton, your unwavering professionalism is a testament to your commitment, and we extend our sincere gratitude for your exceptional contributions to the team.

– Michael C. (Van Nuys Terminal Manager)

October 2023

herber o.

los angeles Driver (4 Years)

Herber O. has been with the company for the last 4 years. He is currently a driver in Los Angeles. 

Herber’s consistent dedication, commitment to going the extra mile, and willingness to provide training when needed are truly commendable. His positive attitude and professionalism are undoubtedly valuable assets to the organization, and we are fortunate to have him as a member of our team.

– Daniel C. (Los Angeles Terminal Manager)

september 2023

Michael C.

Colton Driver (9 Years)

Michael C. has been with the company for the last 9 years. He is currently a driver in Colton. 

I wish I had a 100 Michael Caro’s. Michael is a joy to have around and does a phenomenal job day in and day out. He takes pride in his work and is always willing to jump in and help out where needed. His attitude is outstanding. It’s a pleasure to work with Michael and for him to get nominated as employee of the month is well deserved.

– Anthony E. (Colton Terminal Manager)

august 2023

mark b.

fresno terminal manager (10 years)

Mark B. has been with the company for the last 10 years. He is currently the Fresno Terminal Manager. 

 Cox Petroleum Transport is committed to fostering a family environment and supporting not only its employees but also their dreams as American truckers. I am happy I found a workplace that aligns with my values and has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. 

JULY 2023

Ronald H.

purchasing and inventory manager (22 YEARS)

Ronald H. has been with the company for the last 22 years. He is currently the Inventory and Purchasing Manager. 

 Seeing the growth and changes over time, from starting with 19 trucks to where we are now, and watching the family/company grow, brings great joy. 

JUNE 2023



Tom D. has been with the company for the last 17 years.  He is currently the VP of Safety. 

I love working for a company that prides itself in being the best in the industry and truly has a safety-first attitude. Cox Petroleum is the company that really cares about you as a person and your professional growth. Here you’re not just an employee, you’re family.


May 2023

Kelley G.

Terminal Manager - Bakersfield (9 years)

Kelley G has been with the company for the last 9 years, but collectively over 20 years. He is currently the Bakersfield Terminal Manager.

I came on as a driver, and was promoted to Terminal Manager here in Bakersfield. I received a great deal on mentoring from top management and others from departments in the Company. They gave me much needed support, encouragement and training. They made me feel like family! For the new drivers at Cox Petroleum Transport, if you’re looking for a company that truly believes in safety, values you as an important team member, and promotes a family atmosphere, you have found that place and a job for life. It’s been that way from day 1 of the 20-years I have been here. I am so grateful for the opportunity.

He is family oriented, business savvy, hardworking, a team player, and a true friend. It’s because of people like Kelley that this business is where it is today.

– Jeremy Mairs


April 2023

Kathy A.

Billing Specialist (11 Years)

Kathy A. has been with the company for 11 years. She is currently a Billing Specialist.

I had family that worked for Cox, and because of that, I always wanted to work here too. Cox has a family atmosphere, Danny (& now Jeremy) make you feel important. Advice, Show up, don’t be afraid to ask questions and be willing to learn something new.  I like the challenge of getting my work completed by the end of the week. Having my billing que empty on Friday is always my goal.


March 2023

Ruben Barragan

Mechanic - Colton Terminal (5 Years)

Ruben B. has been with the company for 5 years. He is currently a Mechanic in our Colton Terminal.

I like the people I work with. There’s always something different and challenging to this job. Everything is achievable, all you need to do is put your mind to it.

billy smith

February 2023

Billy S.

OTR Driver (26 years)

Billy S. has been with the company for 26 years. He is currently an Over the Road (OTR) Driver.

I like the family atmosphere, you’re not a number, you’re a name. It just makes it so much more enjoyable. It’s why I’ve stuck around so long. I like the way the company’s ran, the equipment is good, and they take care of it. You have everything you need.

He’s been an integral part of Cox’s history and an influence on my own personal story as well. Billy is not just a good person and an exceptional employee, but someone whom I call a dear friend.

– Jeremy Mairs

cynthia in office

January 2023

Cynthia H.

Inventory Specialist (23 years)

Cynthia H. has been with the company for 23 years. She is currently an Inventory Specialist and a vital part of our Dispatch Team.

I love that Cox trusts my work and knows that I will always do my job at the best of my ability. I have learned so much and appreciate the opportunity that I’ve been given. I plan on working here as long as I can!

– Jeremy Mairs


Wendy Renteria

Director of Finance

Born and raised mostly in Michigan, Wendy has worked for Cox Petroleum Transport since April 2008. She began as a controller for the company and was promoted in April 2022 as our new Director of Finance. Wendy is enjoying learning the new aspects of her role and sharing her extensive financial expertise with others.

Before joining Cox Petroleum, Wendy gained many years of valuable experience as a senior staff accountant and insurance underwriter. She’s worked in various industries, ranging from insurance, agriculture, and construction, which has prepared her to work with many different types of clients.

Wendy is looking forward to participating in local and state organizations as part of her new role. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and baking with her two grandchildren.


Tom Davis

Vice President of Safety

Tom specializes in everything related to safety and compliance for Cox Petroleum Transport. He’s our in-house expert for environmental and DOT regulatory requirements, and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with new personnel. He strives to facilitate a strong safety culture through leadership and employee engagement.

Since Tom joined Cox Petroleum Transport as a driver in 1998, he also worked as dispatch and a terminal manager, before leading the way in our safety department in 2012. As Vice President of Safety, he continually assesses safety risks and works to mitigate them, through hiring the best driver candidates and providing comprehensive safety training. Tom has in-depth knowledge of OSHAANSINFPAEPAHAZMAT Regulation, Workers Compensation, and Hours of Service.

Born and raised in Bakersfield, Tom is committed to his community and industry. He is a board member of the Kern Transportation Foundation, as well as a Highway Policy Committee member for the California Trucking Association. He is also on the safety committee for National Tank Truck Carriers, an organization dedicated to safety education in the industry. He also participates in many activities sponsored by the California Highway Patrol.

When Tom isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, four grown children, and nine grandchildren, barbecuing and watching football.

dave green

David Green

Vice President of Information Technology

David is our in-house expert on all things related to technology here at Cox Petroleum Transport. From servers and cloud-based technology to computers, he manages the technical side of the business as a member of our Executive Leadership Team. With over 25 years in the transportation industry, David brings longevity and experience to his role as our Vice President of Information Technology.

David joined Cox 16 years, ago after working with Hughes Aircraft for several years. Hughes was the largest defense employer at the time, giving David an opportunity to learn databases and large equipment on the job. He is completely self-taught. When he worked for Hughes, he lived 4-5 hours away and would spend the time in the vanpool reading technical books to learn the industry. When he went to work for Danny Mairs, he brought that knowledge to the table to develop the technical aspects of the business.

David and his wife recently bought an RV and are looking forward to travelling in the near future. They have three grown children and live in Tehachapi, where he enjoys the small town atmosphere and spending time with local friends and family.


Lloyd Ponder

Chief Operating Officer

A Bakersfield native, Lloyd joined Cox Petroleum 20 years ago as a dispatcher. Over the years, he has also worked as a dispatch manager, terminal manager, and regional manager, handling operations for multiple sites.  As the company restructured, these experiences prepared him well for his role as the Vice President of Operations. Today with his recent promotion, he oversees multiple departments, including the support of the Operations, Safety, and Maintenance.

Lloyd enjoys the daily interaction with management and other employees, helping them solve problems and motivating them along the way. As Chief Operating Officer, he is engaging more with the safety and maintenance departments as well as the financial side of the company and looks forward to progressing in this area.

During his free time, Lloyd enjoys camping and spending quality time with his family. As a member of the California Trucking Association Environmental committee, he is able to stay on the forefront of new regulations and other changes in the trucking industry. Additionally, he is the Treasurer of the Kern Unit with the CTA.


Larry O’Connell

Executive Vice President

Larry joined Cox Petroleum Transport in 2013 as the Vice President of Operations. Over the years, he has taken on many responsibilities, including the operations of dispatch, terminals and drivers, safety, maintenance, and the HR departments. As the company has changed in structure and leadership, Larry was promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer in 2014, which included the oversite and support of these departments. Most recently, Larry was promoted to Executive VP, and his primary role is to focus on the continued growth opportunities in our industry.

Understanding that people are vital to the company’s success, Larry works closely with team members to learn what motivates them and uses his experience and knowledge to help others thrive in their roles. As a senior executive member of the leadership team, Larry enjoys mentoring and coaching the company’s safety and operations leaders in a way that enhances Cox Petroleum’s family-oriented and safety-first culture.

Before joining Cox Petroleum Transport, Larry spent more than 20 years in the transportation industry in various roles, including driving, dispatch, maintenance, management and project planning. Additionally, Larry has been in sales, Information Technology, leadership at a Truck Dealership, and in publishing roles. In these roles, Larry learned the value of hard work and discipline, as well as the importance of building relationships.

Larry currently Chair’s the Safety, Security and Human Resources Policy Committee and is a Vice President on the Officer’s Council for the California Trucking Association (CTA). He is also a member of the National Tank Truck Association, and he attends the board meetings for the company in support of up-to-date operational activity. Over the years, he has attended Leadership, Sales and Management Programs. Larry is also dedicated to giving back to the community through sponsorship and donation, largely through the CTACHP, and local Fire Departments. He is also on a Committee with the DOT and CalSTA, titled the Commercial Vehicle Road User Charge Working Group, with other CTA members, to help educate and support staff about the ins and outs of the transportation industry in CA.

Larry lives in Huntington Beach, with his wife of 27 years, and they have two grown children. When the weather is nice, they enjoy a variety of social and sports activities in town, while he and his wife continue to maintain many long-standing relationships with the members of the community and their friends.

image of Jeremy

Jeremy Mairs


As the current President and CEO of Cox Petroleum Transport, Jeremy Mairs takes pride in watching the business succeed under the efforts of every employee, from the Executive Leadership Team to the drivers out on the roads. Jeremy believes that the people are the most valuable asset of Cox Petroleum and ensures that everyone is treated as family. He enjoys passing down his knowledge of the industry to lead those who have been with the business for a long time, as well as new Cox employees.

Jeremy began working for the business in 1995, after his father purchased the company from Mary Cox. He gained as much experience as possible over the years, in many different roles, including mechanic, dispatcher, driver, terminal manager, fleet manager VP, and EVP. These experiences gave him the skills and knowledge he needed to lead effectively as the President and CEO—and now 100% owner—of Cox Petroleum Transport.

Committed to his industry, Jeremy makes a point to stay engaged in state and local organizations. He is the President/Unit Chair of the Kern unit of the California Trucking Association (CTA), as well as the Vice President on the Officer’s Council for the CTA. He is also on the Kingpin Committee for the CTA and the committee for the California Highway Patrol Safety Council. He is a board member of the CTA, the Kern Transportation Foundation, and the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC). For the NTTC, he is also on the Executive Committee and the Advocacy Committee, and he chairs the Energy Services Committee. These memberships help Jeremy stay abreast of recent changes in the industry and share up-to-date information with the Cox Petroleum family.

Jeremy spends his free time with his wife and three children, Mack (12), Hank (10), and Libby (6). He enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, and shooting sporting clays, as well as venturing out on his boat whenever the weather cooperates.